How to get involved with the Tiny House Movement – Part II

Robert J. Kobet

The tiny house movement is growing, as evidenced by the ever increasing number of blogs, web sites, publications and books dedicated to the subject.  Given the diverse demographic of tiny home advocates and stakeholders, I am interested in how people get involved initially, and what they do to pursue their tiny house dreams and aspirations.  I recently read a July 2016 article by Erin Doman titled, 9 Useful Resources for Tiny House Living for Compact Appliance that addresses that very question.  Much of what Erin writes reflects how my colleagues at 84 Lumber and GreenEdge Supply feel about their role in the tiny house movement, so I believe it is worth reflecting on.  My comments are in italics.

According to Erin, if you are thinking about designing your own tiny home or you recently moved into a tiny house, you need to know what resources there are that can help you succeed.  Here are three great resources for future tiny house dwellers to take advantage of:

  1. Work with a builder

                Once the design is complete, you are ready to build.  84 Lumber specializes in creating small homes.  84 Lumber and others are great resources because you will be sure to end up with a home created with small living efficiency in mind.  Finding the right builder can be one of the most important things you do in the early stages of your small home living.  It is often very beneficial to involve a builder in the design process, especially if they have experience building tiny houses.

                84 Lumber offers different construction packages for tiny house “Do it yourselfers,” as well as attractive financing for their tiny house kits and finished units.

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84 Lumber has the kind of tiny house experience and expertise that can be invaluable to buyers and do it yourselfers.


  1. Research Downsizing Resources

To live in a tiny house you may need to reconsider your possessions.  Keeping all of your belongings that once filled your old house probably will not work.  It is easy to find tips for downsizing possessions.  Here Erin offers a few for dealing with clothing:

  • Sort your clothes into three piles: keep, store and donate
  • Only keep clothing that fit you right now
  • Only keep clothing that is in good condition
  • Only keep clothing that you really love
  • Only keep clothing that you will really wear

You can sell what you don’t need and use that money to pay down your debt or finance the building of your tiny home.  There are several organizations that can make downsizing easier than simply throwing everything into a dumpster.  Seek out organizations willing to take old furniture and clothes as a donation, such as Goodwill or the Salvation Army.  Look to see if there are any hospitals, nursing homes, camps or orphanages that would benefit from the items you are looking to discard.

  1. Obtain Tiny House Organization Advice

Challenging as it is, it is entirely possible to stay organized in your tiny house.  However, it requires a little diligence.  Everything has to have a home, and things should be stowed when not in use.  Try to keep things near where there are used (i.e. shoes and outerwear near the door, etc.) so it will be easier to remember to put them away.  If you aren’t organized in a tiny home, it will be really hard to live there.  The literature is full of resources to help keep you organized.

                    Part of your organization strategy may be to keep things on site, but not in your space conditioned tiny house.  Many tiny house owners utilize small out buildings for everything from extra storage to guest quarters and places for pets.  84 Lumber offers a number of structures that can enhance your site and expand the storage capacity and utility of living in a tiny house.

84 Lumber and GreenEdge Supply share your interest in tiny houses.  84 Lumber and GreenEdge Supply offer several tiny houses on wheels and have the in house expertise and experience to help you with all of your healthy, tiny living questions.  Visit us online at or tour our tiny house models on display in Eighty-Four, PA and let us help you live a greener, healthier life.


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