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Michelle Tascione

Let’s talk about buzzwords; we’ve all heard or used to them, probably to the point where someone has rolled their eyes at us.  “Green”, “sustainable”, and “eco-friendly” are just a few of the words that many people use interchangeably to mean the same thing.  Let’s look at them a bit closer.

Merriam-Webster provides the following definitions:

Greenconcerned with or supporting environmentalism.

Sustainableof, relating to, or being a method of harvesting or using a resource so that the resource is not depleted or permanently damaged.

Eco-friendly not environmentally harmful

Basically, they all come down to a description of something having to do with preserving our environment for years to come.  The problem is that they are incredibly overused and many people hear them and immediately tune them out.  Some of those people are ignorant to it and just don’t want to learn, others get defensive because they feel as though what they personally do doesn’t make a difference, or they may just not want to be lectured on how to make the world a cleaner place when they have “more important” daily tasks to tend to.  The bottom line is, it could be any number of reasons or a combination of several for why people check out after hearing one of those buzzwords.

So how do we combat this issue?  Good question!  When you figure it out, leave a comment below!

But seriously, it comes down to education and being respectful to one another and our planet.  As it goes with nearly any change society makes, it should be collective, ethical, and in the best interests of all of those affected, including future generations.

Sustainable living

Let us know how you feel about buzzwords in the comments below!  Do you tune out anyone that uses them?  What kind of reaction do you get when you use them?


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