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One of the things that I have learned through my research into this sustainable, minimalist lifestyle is that one of the best benefits is a simpler life.  Think about everything you have to do on a daily basis, it can get kind of hectic, right?  Don’t we all wish we had a little more ‘simple’ in our lives?  Let’s talk about some tips to get there.

Be Honest: (which is great advice for every part of your life) But let’s be real here.  Do you really need to buy that?  What is it doing for you?  Is it nourishing you in some way?  Will it bring you happiness?  Can you afford it?  If yes, then go for it!  If no, put it down.  You can always snap a photo of it or jot it down to revisit later if you can’t decide.

Eliminate Debt: Okay, this is a biggie.  And I know some of you may be thinking that it is impossible, with student loan debt, mortgages, credit card debt, etc.  But it can be possible and it will be a weight lifted off of your shoulders if you commit to it.  Financial Freedom = Emotional Stability.  Be sure to check out the blog post titled Living Green & Frugal for some tips on how to do this.

Rethink Your Shopping: Make a list before you go, and stick to it!  I cannot stress this enough.  Use an app or write it down.  When you go without a list you may end up buying more than what you need, things you don’t need, forgetting things you do need, etc.

De-Clutter Your Life: This is something that I am currently obsessed with.  And when you are de-cluttering, be sure to donate, re-purpose or recycle anything that is still usable.  A couple of tips to accomplish this:

The 365 Rule – If you haven’t used it in a year, get rid of it.  A good way to do this with clothes is to turn all of your hangers around and as you wear something, flip them back the correct way.  At the end of a season or a year, you can easily see what you’ve worn and what you haven’t.

Do you love it? – Does it have a special meaning or hold a specific purpose in my life?

Will you miss it?  If you can’t decide whether or not you want to part with something, pack it up in a box and put it on a shelf.  If you find you don’t need it or miss it in the next 6 months to a year, donate it.

Create Long-Term Goals: What is your “why”?  Why do you want to simplify your life?  For emotional stability?  Will it enable you to live your life better?  Will you have more free-time to do what you really want to do?  Whatever your reason is, create some long-term goals around it.  This will give you something to reach for, and something to base your progress off of.

Prioritize Joy & Get Zen: What makes you happy?  Spending time with your family?  Volunteering your time for a worthwhile cause?  Starting your own business?  Building a tiny house?  Whatever that may be, make time for it in your life.  You’ll never regret time spent doing what makes you happy.

Do you have any other tips for simplifying your life that you would like to share?  What about the benefits you have experienced from living a simpler life?  How has it made you feel?  Share below to help out our other readers!


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