Beat the Heat

This blog post is inspired by the all-time heat records that are currently being set all over the world. I wanted to explore a few options of staying cool in these record-breaking temps without breaking the environment or the bank. Below are a few tips that I am definitely taking advantage of.

Make good use of your windows and fans. Be sure to open your windows at night when it’s cooler, but then close them (and your blinds) during the day to keep the cool air in and the sun out. Add a window or box fan if you have it for extra comfort. A ceiling fan is a great tool for when you are in the room, but remember, a fan cools people, not rooms. Running the fan constantly wastes energy & electricity and may actually create more heat.

Back away from the oven. Heating up the oven will also heat up your house. Fire up your grill or explore some raw, or no cooking, recipes.

Laundry is overrated. Similarly, to your oven, dryers can emit a lot of energy and heat. Let your clothes and dishes air dry instead.

Be materialistic. Wear and sleep on linen fabric. It’s highly breathable, absorptive, and light and can make you feel cooler than most other fabrics.

Get out. Close your curtains, turn off your lights and go visit your library or a museum or other public spaces. Take advantage of the fact that these types of places are already using their AC to cool large amounts of people, so you don’t have to.


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