7 Ways to Stay Green on Vacay

At home, in a routine, it’s easy to be green. Your recycling can and compost bin are in familiar spots, maybe you have a rain catchment system in place and your vegetables are thriving. But what do you do when you travel? Does all of that go out the window? Staying green wherever you go can be easy and fun to do, with just a little planning beforehand. Below are 7 tips that we have put together so that you can stay green during your travels.

  1. Stay at a hotel with a green certification or sustainable practices. Most hotels list this information right on their website so that it is easy to find. If you cannot find someplace that is up to your standards, consider a local B&B or Airbnb to help support the community.
  2. Check out things in the area to do. Look for local experiences or meetups while you are in town. This is a great way to experience the culture and give back to the community.
  3. Bring your own reusable water bottle and shopping bag. It’s simple and effective to do. Neither one takes up much room in your suitcase and it will reduce your carbon footprint by cutting down on wasteful packaging throughout your trip.
  4. Turn off your lights and electronics. This goes for at home and on vacation. Just because you aren’t the one paying the electric bill, doesn’t mean you should leave everything running if you aren’t using it. Also, if you are going to be away from home for an extended period of time set your thermostat to reflect that. If there is no one (or animals) in the house, you shouldn’t need to keep it cooled or heated to the temperature it is when you are home.
  5. Rent a hybrid or electric vehicle if you must, but ride a bike or walk as much as possible.
  6. Leave nothing but footsteps. Be considerate of your new environment. Don’t litter or disturb the other creatures that call that place home.
  7. Consider a staycation! Explore your own city, volunteer for clean-up programs to make your own town more beautiful.

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